Inside Job Boards and Recruitment MarketplacesFebruary 02, 202300:24:4922.78 MB

Be sure your non-job content is delivering a positive ROI

Kelly Cherwin of HigherEdJobs

Kelly Cherwin is the Director of Editorial Strategy at HigherEdJobs, the leading job board and resource site in academia. She also teaches project management and strategic management courses at two universities in the Chicago area. She’s also the co-host of the HigherEdJobs Podcast, which offers great career advice to staff and faculty of colleges and universities.

One of the key differentiators between HigherEdJobs and other niche and general job board and recruitment marketplaces is their non-job content including blogs, webcasts, and the relatively new podcast. Another key differentiator is that HigherEdJobs has figured out how to look at that content as more of a profit center than an overhead item as it measures and therefore is able to manage the return on investment that it generates by adding new content.

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