Quiet Hiring
HR Collection PlaylistMarch 22, 2024
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Quiet Hiring

Rich Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Gigged.Ai, talks to Matt Alder

Skills shortages, shortening skills lifespans, digital transformation, the AI revolution, hiring freezes and layoffs. These are just some of the factors currently reshaping how companies think about talent. It's clear that this level of disruption is now the new normal rather than a short-term trend.

So, how do TA teams respond, and what role do they have in helping employers redefine their thinking about talent, skills, and hiring?

My guest this week is Rich Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Gigged.Ai. Before he became a founder, Rich had a successful career as a recruiter and spent time as a Gartner analyst specialising in digital transformation and the future of work. In our conversation, we discuss skills-focused strategies to reinvent hiring and the part TA teams have to play in this critical transformation.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Skill shortages and layoffs

  • The shortening lifespan of skills

  • Switching from cap-ex to op-ex

  • Future of work trends

  • How AI is creating new workforce opportunities

  • Internal mobility, upskilling, reskilling and contingent hiring

  • New ways of getting skills into the business

  • Talent sharing and open innovation

  • How does TA need to think differently about talent?

  • What will the talent space look like in five years?

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