Did We Predict The Future?
HR Collection PlaylistMarch 19, 2024
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Did We Predict The Future?

Matt Alder and Mervyn Dinnen predict the next ten years for Talent Acquisition and review just how accurate their past predictions have been.

I launched Recruiting Future nine years ago to attempt to understand the future of talent acquisition. Back then, social media was the biggest driver of change, and we were starting to realize how much new technologies would change the world.

Predicting the future is always risky; however, if you approach things correctly, you can spot the trends that will stick and get a sense of what is likely to happen.

I'm actually launching a short digital course next month to teach you some tools and techniques to do this. You can join the VIP waitlist for early access and a discount by going to mattalder.me/course

 Back to the 600th episode. To celebrate this landmark, I invited my long-time collaborator and co-author, Mervyn Dinnen, to a studio in London to explore just how accurate some of the predictions we made in a whitepaper back in 2006 about the future of work were and to discuss what we think will happen over the next decade. There is also a video version of this podcast that you can find by following the link in the show notes.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • When I first told Mervyn I was launching Recruiting future

  • Tasks, not jobs, in a skills-based future

  • How the pandemic accelerated trends that were already there

  • Is "return to the office" HR's version of the culture wars

  • Why we thought recruiting would be "Tinderized."

  • The long-predicted demise of the resume

  • Talent Marketplaces

  • What does the next ten years look like

  • Total Talent Thinking

  • Where is the humanity in the AI-driven future of work?

  • What is going to happen over the next 12 months

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