Data Sophistication
HR Collection PlaylistMarch 13, 2024
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Data Sophistication

Ben Porr, Chief Customer Officer at Harver, talks to Matt Alder

We live in a world of work where understanding, interpreting and telling stories with data has never been more critical. Although Talent Acquisition has become more data-centric in recent years, many TA functions rely on summary statistics that don't provide a sophisticated enough platform to use data to inform and influence their organizations properly.

So, what can TA leaders do to make their data strategies more effective?

My guest this week is Ben Porr, Chief Customer Officer at Harver. In our conversation, Ben offered some highly actionable advice TA leaders can follow to level up and tell compelling stories with data.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Why data is so essential in TA

  • Answering questions with data rather than with opinions or assumptions

  • What organizations are missing out on if they only use summary statistics

  • What are the innovative organizations doing?

  • AI and automation

  • What are the most critical data sources?

  • Pivot table versus data visualization

  • Human in the loop

  • Using data to shift strategies

  • How AI will empower decision-making based on smaller sets of data

  • What will the future look like?

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