2023 Monaco GP w/ Gaurav Jain
F1 FanfictionMay 31, 202300:51:09

2023 Monaco GP w/ Gaurav Jain

Get ready for the wildest ride of the year at the Monaco Grand Prix 2023! Imagine Max Verstappen defying rain-soaked chaos to triumph in his Red Bull, leaving Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin and Esteban Ocon in his Alpine trailing in his wet and watery wake. It was a race where the streets of Monte Carlo turned into a slippery water park, drivers spun out like synchronized swimmers, and Max emerged as the soggy superhero. 

We have a special guest this time, Gaurav Jain, a longtime fan of the sport who brought some great insights to the episode.

We had a great technical mishap, and this episode was made by putting in all our blood sweat and tears! So, you had better listen to the whole thing!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Max’s car didn’t get Pirelli’s memo.
  • “Can I overtake Hamilton?” – George Russell 🤔
  • Estie Bestie on the podium 🏆
  • The return of McHonda days?
  • Sarang the only person Following the Alpha Romeo’s
  • The "so called" king of the street 👑
  • Hope is a dangerous thing..
  • Alonso carrying the AM on his shoulders.
  • Crane exposing some bottoms 🏗️
  • Kudos to the Race broadcast
  • Feisty Yuki 🔥
  • Chicaneless Spain!
  •  F1TV FTW!

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen
Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix