2023 Australian GP
F1 FanfictionApril 04, 2023
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2023 Australian GP

Welcome to F1 Demolition Derby edition here at Australian GP! With 3 Red Flags, 1 Safety Car and 1 VSC, FIA decided to throw the kitchen sink at the audience, but were you entertained? We saw a surprise comeback by Mercedes, yet another heartbreak for Ferrari, more sheer dominance by Red Bull and only 12 cars finishing the race! 

In this Episode:

  • Australian GP Celebrates Red Flag Day
  • The demolition derby 💥
  • Why do Haas cars break so easily?
  • The French revolution ::strikes:: again. ✊
  • FIA creates a dangerous situation, makes shocked face after.
  • Why was Russell’s ass on fire? 🔥
  • Rename T9 to Perez Chicane
  • Hulk > Charles 💪
  • DRS Galore!
  • Akash Rants away! 😤

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen
Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix