DisinformationJune 20, 2023x
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The Future of Media Literacy: How to Combat Disinformation in the Age of AI

In season two of the Disinformation podcast, Paul Brandus and discusses the emergence of avatars and false media outlets created by artificial intelligence, blurring the lines between fact and fiction; truth and untruth. He and Meredith Wilson, CEO of Emergent Risk International, discuss how the rapid growth of AI accelerates the possibility of false narratives spreading faster than ever before, and how these false narratives are forms of disinformation. Paul also interviews Jack Stubbs, VP of Intelligence at Grafica, who discusses the discovery of a fake media outlet called Wolf News, which is part of a Chinese state-aligned political influence operation.

Got questions, comments or ideas or an example of disinformation you'd like us to check out? Send them to paulb@emergentriskinternational.com. Thanks to Jack Stubbs of Graphika, our sound designer and editor Noah Foutz, audio engineer Nathan Corson, and executive producers Michael DeAloia and Gerardo Orlando. Thanks so much for listening.

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