Hearts & Minds In Africa, Pt. II
DisinformationApril 09, 202400:23:52

Hearts & Minds In Africa, Pt. II

"The United States government works at a great disadvantage because we tell the truth."

In this episode, we refocus our sights on Russia's information warfare efforts in Africa, particularly spreading false claims about U.S. biological testing surrounding COVID-19. The Africa Initiative, backed by Russian intelligence, is highlighted as the source of these conspiracy theories. Despite limited traction, the disinformation campaign poses risks to Western health programs and humanitarian efforts in Africa. The episode also delves into Russia's broader presence in Africa, including military support and mining interests. Strategies to counter Russian disinformation include media literacy initiatives, fact-checking organizations, and promoting Western economic investments and democratic values in the region and the complex dynamics of information warfare and geopolitical competition in Africa.

[00:02:06] Russia's information warfare efforts.

[00:07:28] Russian disinformation in Africa.

[00:11:06] Russian disinformation in Africa.

[00:14:16] The disinformation angle.

[00:18:22] Russian military efforts in Africa.

[00:20:09] Countering Russian disinformation tactics.

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Special thanks to our guest Cameron Evers , our sound designer and editor Noah Foutz, audio engineer Nathan Corson, and executive producers Michael DeAloia and Gerardo Orlando. Thanks so much for listening.

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