Combating Disinformation, Part One
DisinformationOctober 03, 202300:18:38

Combating Disinformation, Part One

In a "post-fact world", as Emergent Risk CEO Meredith Wilson puts it, how do we fight disinformation?

"Living in a post-fact world is a scary place to be, as we learned during the pandemic, right? People don't believe anything."

In part 1 of this 3 part series on combating disinformation, we delve into the world of media literacy, critical thinking, and the battle against disinformation in Europe. Join host Paul Brandus as he explores the challenges faced by countries like Slovakia and Bulgaria, where a lack of media literacy leaves populations vulnerable to false narratives. Discover how NATO and European Union initiatives are working to combat disinformation and protect democratic values, and gain valuable insights into the fight against disinformation in today's "post-fact world".

[00:02:59] Russia's footprint in Africa.

[00:05:08] Media literacy and manipulation.

[00:09:27] NATO's disinformation defense.

[00:14:01] The impact of disinformation.

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