EP 246: "The World will be a better place if it becomes more Hindu!" - Ami Ganatra
BharatvaartaMarch 28, 202401:07:48

EP 246: "The World will be a better place if it becomes more Hindu!" - Ami Ganatra

Join us on a new episode of the Bharatvaarta podcast featuring a deep and engaging conversation with author and columnist Ami Ganatra. This discussion spans a wide array of topics relating to Indian society, culture, and politics, revolving around the critical role and understanding of Dharma. Ganatra, known for her books 'Ramayana Unraveled' and 'Mahabharata Unraveled,' discusses the relevance of Itihasa in contemporary times, feminism in the context of Indian epics, and the profound impact of the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishthan on national consciousness. The conversation also delves into the essentiality of Sanskrit for grasping the nuances of Indian philosophy and the importance of Dharma for societal sustenance and progress.

This episode of the Bharatvaarta podcast is in collaboration with Swarajya

00:00 Sneak Peak
00:35 Introducing Ami Ganatra: Unraveling Indian Itihasa for Modern Times
08:10 The Cultural and Political Significance of the Ram Mandir Movement
14:15 Reclaiming Hindu Dharma: A Civilizational Perspective
19:06 The Potential for Reclaiming Other Sacred Sites
21:06 Understanding India's Civilizational Continuity Beyond 1947
23:07 The Interplay of Culture, Politics, and Dharma in Ancient India
30:47 Seeking Happiness and Meaning: The Contrast Between East and West
34:24 The Impact of Extreme Individuality on Society
35:00 Reclaiming Spirituality and Solutions from Bharat
35:28 Gender Roles and Societal Changes
36:29 Inclusion and Acceptance in Culture
37:54 Feminism and Its Evolution
38:00 The Role of Technology in Shaping Gender Roles
39:16 Empowerment vs. Destruction: A Feminist Perspective
45:15 The Complexity of Modern Roles for Women and Men
46:20 Learning from Epics: Decision Making and Dharma
52:52 The Misinterpretation of Anti-Heroes in Epics
01:00:39 The Importance of Language in Understanding Culture
01:07:16 Concluding Thoughts and the Value of Language

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