#53 – Deep dive into the US Presidential Elections | Rohit Jayaraman & Abhishek Paul
BharatvaartaOctober 13, 2020x
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#53 – Deep dive into the US Presidential Elections | Rohit Jayaraman & Abhishek Paul

We are less than a month away from the US Presidential elections and things are starting to heat up. There’s all of the drama and excitement that such a high stakes event can induce, but there’s also some nervous anticipation in terms of what this will mean to the country itself and what it will mean to us here in India.
Joining us on this fascinating deep dive are Abhishek Paul and Rohit Jayaraman – who look at the numbers as they are and discuss the nuances of the elections for our audience. We begin with the 2016 elections, why the pollsters got it wrong, and if those factors will play up in this election. Then, we look at President Trump’s favorability rating right now and how the coronavirus pandemic and other issues have impacted this over the course of this year. We move on to the deciding factors of the election, including how the various demographics stand to vote, swing states – how they might influence the numbers, electoral college, voter suppression, key endorsements, and such. Following that, Rohit and Abhishek prescribe what the Republicans with Trump/Pence and Democrats with Biden/Kamala ought to do hereon forward to win the elections. We end with the potential impact of the elections and the new US President on us here in India. This is a rich, insightful conversation that sets the context for what is perhaps the most important event of the year.
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