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237 : Wagner in Belarus: What Next? | Jacek Bartosiak | Velina's Talk

Dr. Jacek Bartosiak is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Strategy & Future. He is the author of best-selling books including “Pacyfik i Eurazja. O Wojnie” (Pacific and Eurasia. On War” (2016), which focuses on the ongoing great power competition in Eurasia and the possible war in the Western Pacific. In this episode he spoke to Velina about Wagner's Mutiny and Europe's current situation with the Ukraine and Russian conflict. 


00:00 Introduction
01:05 Mutiny and the role of Wagner in Belarus
07:48 The Polish perception of Wagner mutiny
16:05 Why isn't Europe improving on their defense capabilities?
26:53 Integrating Ukraine into NATO in the fastest way
36:35 Is US and China fighting a Proxy War?
44:17 Closing Comments


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