233 : Retelling the stories of Vedic Women
BharatvaartaJune 22, 202300:52:02

233 : Retelling the stories of Vedic Women

Aryaa is a book of anthology stories of women from Indian epics. Over the past few decades the portrayal of these women have gotten unidimensional. When Shivakumar noticed this, he felt the need to put together a set of stories that rightly portrayed these "sheroes" from our history. In this episode hosted by Charanya, Shivakumar and Prasad talk about Feminism in the present day, the concept of women and men being equal, the conflict between man and woman and more!

Charanya V Kumar is the founder and CEO of Chittam, a startup that aims to make Cultural and Spiritual Education for Children, relatable and meaningful. She is also a friend and the host of this episode of the podcast. 

Shivakumar is a vagabond in the Thought World deeply interested in philosophical/intellectual foundations of Indian Civilization and conflicts in Modern India. 

Prasad Kulkarni is a Data Scientist be profession. While analysing historical data, he enjoys contemplating on historical events in his own time. 

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