231 - Turkey Under Erdogan | Dimitar Bechev | Velina's Talk
BharatvaartaMay 25, 202300:46:04

231 - Turkey Under Erdogan | Dimitar Bechev | Velina's Talk

Dimitar Bechev is Lecturer at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA), University of Oxford. He is also the author of Rival Power: Russia in Southeast Europe. In this episode he talks about the past and the future of Turkey, it's relationship with regional and global powers and more in this edition of Velina's talk.

00:00 Introduction
01:00Dimitar's evaluation of Turkey elections
03:32 Does Dimitar expect any changes?
06:32 Erdogan's vision for Turkey
12:11 Evolution of Russia - Turkey Dynamic
18:22 Erdogan's positioning of Turkey
21:31 Will Turkey get closer to China?
27:47 Turkey's policy for regional flashpoints
33:33 Turkey and Greece
41:46 Turkey and EU relationship going forward

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