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221 - Becoming a Vishwaguru - India's rise in Geopolitics | Shashank Mattoo | Politics

Shashank is a foreign affairs correspondent at LiveMint. Prior to this he was a research associate in the strategic studies programme at Observer Research Foundation. In this episode Sharan and Shashank talk about India's rising power in geopolitics and the narrative shift around India as the next superpower. 

00:00 Sneak peak
01:20 Introduction
01:41 Research v/s Journalism
03:43 Challenges in uncovering new stories
05:07 PMO's role in foreign affairs
07:15 Shifting from non alignment to multipolarity
10:22 Strategic ambiguity in India's foreign policy
15:01 What options does India have to increase influence?
22:54 Is there space for institutionalization of policies in India?
27:16 Balancing relations with SEA and China
32:38 India's Infrastructure developments in other countries
35:14 Indo-Russian ties going forward
38:49 How will India-China relations evolve
42:52 How Aware is India of the threats it faces

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