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217 - Indian Startups Review 2022 | Rajeev Mantri | Nimish Joshi | Roshan Cariappa | Culture

2022 started off on a high note in the world startups with funding and valuations at the peak. Then came the correction, IPOs were postponed, valuations shrank and funding slowed down. As the year comes to an end, we called Rajeev Mantri and Nimish Joshi hosted by Roshan Cariappa to try and understand how and why startups performed the way they did. They also spoke about where startups are headed in 2023 and what we can be optimistic about and more.

00:00 Sneak Peak
01:24 Introduction
01:42 Startup activity this year
02:53 Startups in 2021 vs 2022
07:39 Musk effect, back to office 
14:26 Emulating Silicon Valley practices 
16:31 Where will VC money go?
19:12 Tech Stocks Crash, Funding and Valuation
25:58 Has Startup Building been Corrupted? 
28:26 Are Incentives Misaligned?
35:25 Delayed tech IPOs; Temporary Blip or Failed Dream?
40:27 Key sectors to watch out for
59:46 The Future of Crypto
01:05:36 What to be optimistic about in 2023

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