214 - Get Fit The Indian Way | Nithin Jayaraj | Culture
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214 - Get Fit The Indian Way | Nithin Jayaraj | Culture

Nithin Jayaraj is a traditional workout tools trainer and is a pioneer in bringing traditional Indian fitness forms to the mainstream. He specializes in using traditional fitness equipment like Gada, Mudgar, Indian clubs, Persian meels and Sumtola to help people get fitter, stronger, muscular and leaner. He is also a strong advocate of wholesome foods and no diet supplements. In this episode he spoke about what the equipments are, how they're different from the mainstream gyms, what diets should be like and more in his conversation with Roshan Cariappa.

00:00 Sneak Peak
00:48 Introduction
02:42 How did Nithin get into training with traditional equipment?
06:48 The Shredded Farmer - Story behind the name
09:18 101 on Indian Traditional Equipment
14:27 How important is grip strength 
15:46 What muscles do these exercises engage?
20:29 Natural movement v/s controlled movement
22:58 How do Indian Equipments help achieving different goals?
26:36 Nithin's philosophy in terms of diet 
32:35 What diets should be like
34:22 Common mistakes to avoid while dieting
36:27 Bringing back ancient knowledge and systems
39:16 Closing Comments