121 - Crypto for India | Akshay BD & Rameesh Kailasam | Bharatvaarta | Policy
BharatvaartaJune 01, 2021x
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121 - Crypto for India | Akshay BD & Rameesh Kailasam | Bharatvaarta | Policy

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most hotly debated topics in recent times. On this podcast we speak with Akshay BD (ex-Uber, Startup Advisor & Investor) and Rameesh Kailasam (CEO - Indiatech.org, Policy Expert & Columnist) on the nuances of how crypto will impact India, specifically. Akshay begins the discussion by laying out the immense possibilities crypto holds for India as an asset, currency, and technology - from wealth creation to innovation and then Rameesh speaks of the policymaker’s perspective and how crypto has to be positioned to make it easier to understand and regulate. 

Along the way, we discuss the concept of a sovereign digital currency and how that can be compatible with an unregulated currency like bitcoin, India-specific use cases for blockchain, the concept of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and how it can potentially disrupt financial services and credit access in India. We end the podcast with a discussion on the road ahead for India and how Indians can participate in crypto and gain from it. This is a fascinating conversation about an important innovation that is sure to set you off on a rabbit hole quest to learn and understand better.

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