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119 - Early Cancer Detection | Ashish Tripathi | Anish Tripathi | Bharatvaarta

Tzar Labs and Epigeneres Biotech have jointly developed a new cancer test, which is non-invasive, has diagnostic as well as prognostic value and is easy to administer and scale up. They have conducted trials on a large sample of 1000 cases and their test has worked very well.
Ashish Tripathi of Tzar Labs and Anish Tripathi of Epigeneres spoke to Bharatvaarta about their innovation and answered many questions posed specifically by medical professionals, which Bharatvaarta had crowd-sourced.
The two brothers are passionate about the social impact of an early cancer diagnosis and prognosis - this not just helps families control their medical expenses but also provides lifespan longevity to the impacted patients. The test is named HrC and there is a deeply personal story behind this, which was also covered by the Tripathi brothers.
Ashish has been an investment banker working across multiple countries while Anish is a supply chain expert and consultant, also with extensive global and India expertise. They plan to launch the test in India first, although this has a huge global impact.
Will an Indian innovation in healthcare leave a lasting impact on the way the world fights with cancer? Hear from the two individuals who may be at the cusp of making history.