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#105 - Indian Foreign Policy | Gautam Bambawale | Policy | Bharatvaarta

Gautam Bambawale is a retired Indian diplomat with a distinguished  career in key foreign missions like the USA, China, Pakistan and  Germany. Mr Bambawale retired in 2018 from the Indian Foreign Service  and is now settled in Pune. His last posting was India's Ambassador to  China,  Mr Bambawale has had several difficult situations in his career to deal  with.

He was in Beijing during India's nuclear tests in 1998. He was  again in Beijing when the Doklam crisis unfolded in 2017. He was in the  USA around the time Indian nuclear deal was signed.  Mr Bambawale has  had an exemplary career guiding Indian diplomacy through choppy waters.  In this episode, Mr Bambawale spoke about these experiences but also  more broadly about India's foreign policy imperatives especially with  China and Pakistan. He explained the border situation on both the fronts  in detail.  Mr Bambawale also spoke about how India can engage the  Biden administration further.

The discussion was conducted by Amit Paranjape, who you have heard on  several Bharatvaarta podcasts earlier, and Aashish Chandorkar, who is  part of the Bharatvaarta team.  Join this channel to get access to perks: