#098 - Indian Farm Reforms | Anand Ranganathan
BharatvaartaMarch 09, 2021x
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#098 - Indian Farm Reforms | Anand Ranganathan

India enacted three laws in September 2020 to liberate its agriculture sector from decades of restrictive market practices. These changes have however led to farmer protests in parts of India - specifically Punjab and Haryana. These protests have been extensively covered in the Western media after some celebrities were roped in to tweet in favour of these protests.  

This episode attempts to demystify the farm laws and the ongoing protests. This is a joint production between Bharatvaarta and Conservative Friends of Commonwealth (CFOC). CFOC seeks to strengthen the Conservative ties with the Commonwealth to promote and uphold shared values of democracy. The UK and other Commonwealth countries have a large Indian diaspora and they have all been naturally interested in what’s going on in India with respect to the farm law reform.  

Our guest for this episode is Dr Anand Ranganathan. Anand is a Professor at the Special Centre for Molecular Medicine at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He is also an author, columnist and rules the Indian television airwaves every night with his 30-second quips.