#088 - Wall Street Bets v/s Hedge Funds: Short Selling & more | Bharatvaarta
BharatvaartaJanuary 30, 2021x
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#088 - Wall Street Bets v/s Hedge Funds: Short Selling & more | Bharatvaarta

Social media has been abuzz about Redditors on a forum called “WallStreetBets”, banding together and buying up stock in a gaming merchandise retailer called GameStop. They are orchestrating a “short squeeze” against hedge funds that had taken a short position on the stock.

Melvin Capital, one of the prime targets, lost over 30% of it’s AUM and required an emergency infusion of $2.75 billion from fellow hedge funds Citadel and Point72. This is being seen as a triumph of the retail investors against institutions that purport to manipulate markets at the cost of smaller investors.

To give us an insider’s perspective on what is happening, we are joined by experienced traders, Rajiv and Dhiraj (anon), who speak about the significance of these events while also explaining concepts related to short selling, how it is different in India, what retail investors should beware of, and much more. This is a must listen episode for those interested in diving deeper on recent events and developing an understanding of markets and finance.

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