BharatvaartaDecember 18, 2020x
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#075 - Why is Indian culture misrepresented in Cinema and Arts? | Kaushal Inamdar & Nivedita Tiwari | Culture | Bharatvaarta

In this episode, we speak to award-winning musician, Kaushal Inamdar, and noted television actress, Nivedita Tiwari, about how Indian traditions and culture are depicted in mainstream arts and cinema. 

We begin this discussion with Kaushal ji explaining very eloquently how the representation of culture has evolved over time in our movies and music, while Nivedita ji speaks about the impact that OTT platforms have had on the kind of stories that are being told and how the focus has moved beyond metros to small towns and villages. We then discuss the politicization of arts – is this a recent phenomenon? Is there scope for activism through arts? Should the artist impose their own sensibilities into their art? And why are so many artists now of a Leftist persuasion? We end with suggestions from both guests on how we can sensitise artists and creators to native Indian traditions and culture, so there can be a more accurate reflection of the same in the mainstream arts and what the government can do to help the same. This is a fascinating, nuanced discourse in the ways art can impact society. 

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