#069 - Digital Media & Narratives | Sreemoy Talukdar | Muthuraman Natarajan
BharatvaartaDecember 02, 2020x
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#069 - Digital Media & Narratives | Sreemoy Talukdar | Muthuraman Natarajan

In September 2019, the Indian government introduced an FDI regime that allowed up to 26% FDI in the "News Digital Media Sector". The Government issued a clarification that it covers aggregators and will apply to entities streaming or uploading news and current affairs on websites, apps or other platforms.  

In this episode we have Muthuraman Natarajan (Co-founder and CFO - Swarajya) and Sreemoy Talukdar (Senior Editor - Firstpost) talk to Srivatsa Subbanna what these changes actually are and the impact of these changes. We start by understanding these policy changes in detail. They then talk about the difference between traditional and digital media and how traditional media has influenced digital media and vice-versa. Finally they move on to the economics of digital media and end with sharing their views on the future of digital media. This is a compelling watch as we deep-dive into the content and financial aspects of running a digital media company.  

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