#064 - Ambedkar, Nehru, & Patel | Legacy, Significance, & Counterfactuals
BharatvaartaNovember 15, 2020x
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#064 - Ambedkar, Nehru, & Patel | Legacy, Significance, & Counterfactuals

Babasaheb Ambedkar, Pandit Nehru, and Sardar Patel are among the foremost architects of modern India. They are also among the most debated personalities for the far-reaching consequences of their actions and ideologies even today.  

In this episode, Harsh Gupta (Author, Investor) and Abhinav Prakash Singh (Professor, Columnist) discuss the legacy and significance of these stalwarts and debate the counterfactuals. What would Patel have been like as India’s first Prime Minister? How would Ambedkar reconcile with the contrasting views of their supposed followers? Would we judge Nehru as harshly if his family abstained from Politics? Would the Kashmir conflict exist today if Patel and not Nehru had led reunification? And could the partition of India have been avoided? Along the way, Harsh and Abhinav discuss the contributions of these leaders and they have shaped the country as we know it. This is a fascinating episode that brings alive the history of modern India from the lens of 3 people who had the closest view of how this republic 300 million people would evolve.    

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