#060 - Kashmir post Article 370 | Sunanda Vashisht & Sreemoy Talukdar
BharatvaartaNovember 03, 2020x
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#060 - Kashmir post Article 370 | Sunanda Vashisht & Sreemoy Talukdar

It has been over a year since the Government of India revoked the special status, or limited autonomy, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.   

To discuss what has happened since, and how things might pan out going forward, we are joined by Sunanda Vashisht, an Author and Columnist with family ties to Kashmir, and Sreemoy Talukdar, Senior Editor with Firstpost and a writer on foreign policy, politics and defence. Sunanda and Sreemoy begin the discussion with the significance of Article 370 and it’s impact on Jammu & Kashmir over the course of the year, including the recent decision by the Government to open buying land for all citizens. They then discuss the social reform required to balance the political and policy changes in the region; we delve into the history of militancy in Kashmir, starting with the JKLF insurgents to the current Burhan Wani inspired internet militants. We move onto politics of the State, how the central government has handled J&K over the years, how local political parties are strategizing, strife within the PDP, the Gupkar declaration and the possibility of a reversal of this decision by alternate Governments at the centre. We end this podcast on an optimistic note on how the region can attract investments, industry, tourists, and indeed – displaced refugees.   

This is a comprehensive overview of how things have changed for Jammu & Kashmir since that historic moment in August 2019.   

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