#052 | A New Idea of India | Harsh Gupta & Rajeev Mantri
BharatvaartaOctober 08, 2020x
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#052 | A New Idea of India | Harsh Gupta & Rajeev Mantri

‘A New Idea of India’ is an endeavour to ask the important, unresolved questions about India’s past & future. This book has been co-authored by popular political and policy commentators, Harsh Gupta and Rajeev Mantri .   

In this free-flowing conversation, Harsh and Rajeev explain why they wrote the book and delve into the nuances of the book’s key ideas. They address the fundamental question of why ideas are important and how they affects politics and policy, following which they debate the ‘Idea of India’ and discuss how the Nehruvian narrative became ingrained in the popular narrative. Next, they discuss key aspects of this popular idea of India, which are secularism and socialism, and how those aspects play out. Along the way, they compare and contrast the heritage and aspirations of a millennia old civilization with a fledgling nation of seven decades. In that, this book captures the zeitgeist of our times.   

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