Class Sick
Bakwaas Bandh Kar (Punjabi)July 04, 202300:00:58

Class Sick

Ikk Dahake To Wadh Samein To Idiot Box Te Bache , Naujawana ,Ate ohna warge Kinneyaan da, Manoranjan Karan Ton Bad,Mashoor Animated Hero – Bade Chote Hun Betukki ‘Bakwas’ De Brand Nal Podcast Drish Vich Entry Maarnge Te Garanti Nal Tuhada Din Banaongey…

After Entertaining Young And Old Alike On The Idiot Box For More Than A Decade, The Iconic Animated Heroes – Bade And Chote Will Now Infiltrate The Podcast Scene With Their Brand Of Nonsensical ‘Bakwaas’ Which Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day!

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