Architecture in Covid Times

Architecture in Covid Times

Architecture is the art and science of designing the space around us as per our imagination and requirements. It is the reflection of cultural heritage, economic progress, and also the identity of the people of a particular region. To bring out some fascinating stories from the world of Architecture across different corners of the globe ‘Worksphere’ presents ‘ArchiCast’.

Architecture In Covid Times 

The outbreak of the coronavirus has been tough on the entire world. The past two years of the pandemic changed our lives upside down. Houses became offices, offices became deserts, hotels turned into health facilities, and our grounds and stadiums turned into hospitals. 

Even though our physical world shrunk, the crisis pushed us beyond the restricted way of thinking. To meet the needs of the emergency, The solutions translated to faster, lighter, cheaper, and more flexible infrastructure. In this episode, we will to talk about some innovative architectural projects that offered utility , hope and inspiration in a supremely dark time.

Written by : Architect Bahar 

Direction ,Sound & Voice : Shweta Kulkarni

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