Ep.146 9XM SoundcastE ft. Amaan and Ayaan Ali
9XM SoundcastEMarch 23, 2022x
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Ep.146 9XM SoundcastE ft. Amaan and Ayaan Ali

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Sarod virtuosos Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash chat with Host Eva Bhatt about their love for Sarod & their phenomenal contribution towards the global music industry & excellence in the classical & contemporary music sphere. 

Disciples of their father, the great sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, they represent the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash school. 

‘We for Love’ is a project curated, produced & presented by the Bangash brothers, to raise awareness for the ‘Justice for Every Child’ campaign’, launched by Nobel Peace prize recipient Mr. Kailash Satyarthi. This campaign provides legal and mental health support to child victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Listen to this exclusive conversation about their learning from Ustadji, some tips for aspiring musicians and the making of this album that also features Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Karsh Kale, Malini Awasthi, Mahesh Kale, Shubha Mudgal & Karan Johar.

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