Ep.127 9XM SoundcastE ft. Rego B
9XM SoundcastENovember 10, 2021x
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Ep.127 9XM SoundcastE ft. Rego B

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Here's a Children’s Day special episode featuring a young musician, ‘star in the making’, REGO B!

Grandson of living legend Bappi Lahiri, Rego B makes his musical debut career at the age of 12, with his debut single ‘Bachcha Party’. Composed by Shameer Tandon, written by Abhinav Nagar, this party song has already crossed 4 mn hits on YouTube, till date. 

Talking about his ‘musical’ upbringing, his mentor & grandfather's ‘golden’ tips to become a good artist and his dreams, Rego B becomes the youngest artist on this podcast, with this episode.

Enjoy this fun chat with the bright kid whose confidence & energy will surely charge the ‘child’ in you!

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