Ep. 169 9XM Soundcaste Ft. Gurashish Singh
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Ep. 169 9XM Soundcaste Ft. Gurashish Singh

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Your favourite podcast wins an award! Thank you listeners for showing your love, we are proud to announce that this podcast bagged the prestigious India Audio Summit Awards 2023. Keep listening and sharing!

In this episode, Host Eva Bhatt talks to the heartthrob of the ‘indie’ music scene, Gurashish Singh, whose covers, mash-ups, and originals have created waves on digital platforms. Being amongst India’s top 10 most watched Cover artists, Gurashish Singh rules over an audience of nearly 1 mn on his channel ‘Singh's Unplugged’.

He talks about the making of his popular English and Hindi mashups, Punjabi and Retro recreations, his latest original singles as well as his live gigs. He shares his unique musical journey, some learning from experiences to date, and some useful insights about the evolving music industry with the rise of digital media, etc.

His latest release ‘Bol De 2.0’ is Out Now on audio streaming and digital platforms!

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