This week on 9XMSoundcastE, host Eva Bhatt is joined by a fresh young voice, Vishal Mishra, a singer & composer. He has lent his voice to some hit Bollywood songs - ‘Jaane De’ from Qarib Qarib Single, ‘Nai Lagda’ from Notebook and, more recently, ‘Kaise Hua' from Kabir Singh.

He also shares his Bollywood journey, from coming from a small town near Kanpur to Mumbai, to how, with no formal training in music, he learnt how to play 22 instruments, and how his passion for music makes him feel like music is his 'companion'. Vishal also gives some useful tips to budding artists on how to deal with pressure and give it your best shot.

Music Label courtesy:

‘Kaise Hua’, ‘Pehla Pyaar’ (Kabir Singh) & ‘Nai Lagda’ (Notebook) - T-Series

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