Before we fix Ethics in AI, we should solve for natural stupidity in humans. Guess it cannot be done! :-). And that is precisely why AI cannot be "Ethical". Ethics is really in the "it depends" realm.  However, what it can be is responsible. And the guidelines for that responsible behaviour need to come from our collective "wisdom". 

With that in mind, the episode also carries opinions from stalwarts in the industry who have kindly agreed to weigh in with their views. 

  1. Harriet Green - OBE | Ex-CEO IBM Asia Pacific | Fortune Most Powerful Women 2019 | LinkedIn Top Voice and More
  2. Savita Kirpalani - Global Ambassador - WomenTech Network
  3. Anthony Scriffignano - Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet
  4. Nigel Willson - Ex-European CTO, Microsoft | Top Global AI Influencer | Founder, Awaken AI 
  5. Richard Foster-Fletcher - Executive Chair at MKAI | CEO, NeuralPath

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