The Cloud Doctors are Here
3 Techies Banter #3TBJuly 30, 2022x
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The Cloud Doctors are Here

Samiran GhoshSamiran GhoshCo-Host
Nilesh PatankarNilesh PatankarCo-Host
Sheetal ChoksiSheetal ChoksiCo-Host

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork says an old English proverb. COVID has made all of us very aware of our overall health and wellness needs.

By 2025, India will need an additional 1.5M doctors and 2.2M nurses. Life expectancy at that time will be 70 years with about 90M diabetics. Unless we shift to a new way of looking at managing healthcare, we will be in a constant state of catch-up.

Thanks to the 2k+ health tech startups (of which 350+ are funded and 4 are unicorns), we believe the DIY age of health is HERE. India will democratise its way to universal healthcare. Prevent rather than Treat is the new mantra.

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