Ridiculam Quaestiones

Ridiculam Quaestiones

Samiran GhoshSamiran GhoshCo-Host
Nilesh PatankarNilesh PatankarCo-Host
Sheetal ChoksiSheetal ChoksiCo-Host

Ridiculam Quaestiones - that is us casting a super Harry Potter spell that will hold you spellbound as we reveal some mind-twisting possibilities.

But honestly - it only means funny questions in Latin. And adequately captures what we like to do - tickle your intellect, make you research areas of interest and get you to think more expansively. Always forcing you to look at tech topics through the lens of finance, economics, philosophy, history, and more.

This season promises to be even more true-to-life, more thought-provoking, and more insightful than before. All of that without sacrificing the fun, laughs, and humour that accompanies each of our episodes.

Do tune in to Episode 1 of this season on June 17 where we talk about the India Stack and Identity.

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