Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Samiran GhoshSamiran GhoshCo-Host
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This song, composed and recorded by Normal Span (King Radio) 1936, is aptly the title of our Women's Day Special episode. Many a crooner has rendered this song in their voice -  from Joan Baez to Harry Belafonte to the Carpenters, Robert Palmer and even the Grateful Dead.

In this podcast, the women outnumbered the men. Did we need to prove a point? Not at all. We just did it because we could. And you should too - at every possible opportunity. So why do we say that?

If all countries matched our gender parity measure, we could add $12 trillion a year to the global GDP. What’s more, India could add $700 billion of additional GDP in 2025, upping the country’s annual GDP growth by 1.4 percentage points. So said a McKinsey Report in 2015.

If that’s got you hooked, then tune in to our next episode, where we banter with Aditi Rele and Aparna Saxena, two influential Women In Tech.

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