ChatGPT, Cultural Gifts, WFH and Beavers

ChatGPT, Cultural Gifts, WFH and Beavers

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Gloom, Doom and yet - a 1000 flowers Bloomed in 2022.

2022 was about the long tail of the pandemic, inflation, multiple humanitarian crises, worldwide climate change, and war in Europe. Wherever you turned, it was hard to escape the sense that things were falling apart.

2022 was also a year of human rights and conservation victories, significant milestones in global health and development, and a welcome boost to clean energy.

After all the countless collective hours spent focused on everything MSD (mad, sad and dying) in 2022 (bet you thought we meant Dhoni 🤣😎😉); perhaps it is worth spending half an hour talking about what humanity DID achieve. And if you don't believe us, ask the beavers.

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