Cats, Toast, Lifebuoy and Tech
3 Techies Banter #3TBApril 01, 202200:46:28

Cats, Toast, Lifebuoy and Tech

People who inhabit the tech world do odd things. Take everyone's favourite tech company Apple for example. Did you know that when you agree to the T&Cs for iTunes, you agree not to use it to make nuclear or chemical weapons? Or the rumoured conditions where the warranty of your Apple computer is voided if you are a smoker? Am sure there is a technicality hidden here somewhere :-).

If this was not baffling enough, they have now created another world for themselves within that world - lovingly called the Metaverse (Episode 2 of 3TB). 

At 3 Techies Banter, we felt that we could make that world more understandable for all. And 15 episodes later, we think we did that quite well. So, through data privacy, crypto, AI, ESG, blockchain, Women in Tech, and a few dollops of Gen Z, we have reached the Finale of Season 1. 

In this Season 1 Finale episode, we reflect on what has transpired since we started our podcast in Dec 2021, some updates on tech trends and of course, the "where we screwed up" section. Do keep listening to the show - sharing and rating 3TB helps even more :-). We will love it if you record or write in your feedback.

Parting factoid - surgeons that grew up playing video games more than 3 hours per week make 37% fewer errors and have a 42% faster completion rate when it comes to performing laparoscopic surgery

See you all in Season 2.

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