3TB Season 2 Trailer

3TB Season 2 Trailer

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Since Top Gun is the flavour of the month and is also the flavour of sequels, we will shamelessly reuse an analogy from there.

Commander Mike Metcalf - call sign "Viper." says this to the class - "Gentlemen, you are the top 1% of all naval aviators - the elite, the BEST of the best. We'll make you better." And he goes on to add "Gentlemen - this school is about combat. There are no points for second place. Dismissed."

3 Techies Banter is a shade different. We are not about making the best of the best better. We are about making everyone who listens better than they were before. And while we are not about points and places, we are definitely about ratings and reviews and sharing. And we would never address our podcast to only "Gentlemen"

And remember - this is only a trailer - Podcast Abhi Baki Hai, Mere Dost :-)

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