20 Saal Pehle
Woice with Warikoo PodcastMarch 21, 202400:10:5310 MB

20 Saal Pehle

In this episode Ankur shares his inspirational journey from dropping out of a PhD program to becoming a highly successful consultant. Starting with his first job at 24 that paid him a modest salary, He navigates through financial independence, the decision to pursue an MBA, and the challenges of entering the consulting world. He highlights the importance of hard work, leveraging opportunities, and the impact of mentorship and support from others on his career trajectory. He's story is not just about his professional success, but also about personal growth, gratitude, and the philosophy that hard work post-opportunity is key to success.

00:00 Welcome to Woice with Warikoo: A Journey of Growth and Learning
00:18 The First Job: From PhD Dropout to Financial Independence
02:30 The MBA Decision: A Pivot from Physics to Management
04:55 Consulting Dreams: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success
07:07 Reflections on Success: Gratitude, Hard Work, and Betting on Yourself
08:18 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude