So you can speak English! : Insights from a Communications Expert ft. Priyanka Naib

So you can speak English! : Insights from a Communications Expert ft. Priyanka Naib

In this episode of Wisdom Whispers with Abhishek Mittal, we dive deep into the world of communication with guest Priyanka Naib, who brings nearly two decades of experience in editorial guidance, strategic communications, and coaching. With co-host Manya Jain, an English Honours student from Amity University, they explore Priyanka's career journey, shifting from reporting to professional services, and the skills essential for succeeding in the communication and editorial fields. Priyanka highlights the lifestyle considerations of different job roles, the evolving landscape of internal communications post-COVID-19, and the importance of adapting to corporate culture. She also discusses the impact of artificial intelligence in the industry, advocating for a positive and proactive approach to technology adoption. Throughout, the conversation illuminates the broad career avenues open to English Literature students and the value of continuous learning and adaptability in professional growth.

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00:27 Introduction to the Episode and Guests
02:23 Priyanka's Career Journey: From News Anchor to Communications Expert
07:52 Exploring Career Options for English Literature Graduates
13:11 Transitioning from Campus to Corporate: Tips and Challenges
19:31 Embracing AI in the Editorial and Communications Industry
28:09 Rapid Fire Round: Personal Insights and Advice
33:11 Outro and Final Thoughts

Abhishek Mittal is a seasoned M&A professional with over 18 years of experience in management consulting. He has worked on multi-billion dollar deals across various industries and geographies, leading and managing teams of consultants. He has also taught at one of India’s top business schools, sharing his practical knowledge with aspiring leaders. Abhishek has a wide range of skills and specializes in M&A operations, such as project and program management, operating model design, process improvement, synergy analysis, and operational due diligence. He is a trusted advisor and thought leader known for his excellence and strategic vision.

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