WhackDecember 29, 2021
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The Dark Side of Crypto

Everyone's jumping on the crypto bandwagon. It's become a conversation starter at parties, El Salvador adopted it as legal tender, governments are looking at regulating crypto. It's safe to say, crypto is evolving and is here to stay. But, there's also a darker side to it. There's the environmental impact of mining, the volatility of crypto prices often affected by influencers and tweets, and 2021 has seen a rise in illicit and fraudulent crypto transactions. To discuss this dark side of crypto and understand it better, Freishia hosts Rohas Nagpal, a blockchain architect on the show, where they have an open discussion on the perils of crypto. Hope you enjoy it! 

P.S. Freishia spoke to Rohas on his show Cut the Cryp last week about NFTs. Catch that if you haven't already. It's on the Whack podcast feed.

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