Nutrition: Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid
Vishnu Ki Secret LifeApril 08, 2019
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Nutrition: Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

You might feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but nothing happened. That’s likely because you’re making these weight loss mistakes that you should avoid. 

Don’t worry much, I’ll tell you what might be going wrong that you haven’t realised. 

So in case you missed it, a quick recap – I was super fat my whole life, blowing up to 120 kilograms at my fattest, and then I lost around 40 kilos in a year, just by eating the right things and doing a little exercise. 

But my story didn’t end there. After losing all that weight, I also gained a lot of it back, and lost it again. And this has been an up and down process ever since. 

So I’m more than a little knowledgeable about what and why these things happen. The podcast has the whole story, so here’s a quick look at it.

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