Bhairavi Jani: The Future of India is Bright
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Bhairavi Jani: The Future of India is Bright

In this episode of Unmute, Niret Alva chats with Bhairavi Jani, a fourth-gen entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the head of India at 75. Jani talks about her journey as a leader, her vision for India, and what makes India stand out on the world stage today.

She says her leadership style is collaborative and ambitious, and that she believes in giving back to society. She also stresses the importance of dreaming big and achieving those dreams.

Jani believes that India has become a global brand in its own right, and that this is evident in the way that India is referenced in pop culture and in everyday conversation. She says that culture and technology are the two strongest pillars of the India brand today.

Overall, Jani's interview gives a unique perspective on the narrative of a new and bold India. She's optimistic about the country's future and believes that India is well-positioned to lead the world.

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