Leading with empathy ft Sandesha Jaitapkar
Unbound with MamtaaAugust 14, 202300:32:36

Leading with empathy ft Sandesha Jaitapkar

In this episode of Unbound with Mamtaa, we unbounded with Sandesha Jaitapakar, COO of Artha Group of Companies, who with her passion for her work and commitment has carved a niche for herself. The podcast explores various aspects of Sandesha's life: from an affinity for trekking to being a one-woman army for her organization, Sandesha has given a sneak peek into what goes really behind handling a corporation as a woman and all that has paved a path for her success. 

About the Guest: 
Sandesha Jaitapakar who was born and brought up in Maharashtra is the COO of Artha Group of Companies. To redefine the role of women in corporate culture and leadership, Sandesha has single-handedly managed things, whether it's team management or striving to maximize the impact. Raised in a gendered-neutral environment, Sandesha doesn't let only her work associate with herself. With a fine balance of both passion and avocation, she is moving toward bringing a change along with dealing with all challenges and dissent. 


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