From Striving to Thriving
Unbound with MamtaaSeptember 27, 202200:36:14

From Striving to Thriving

On today's episode meet Navjyoti Kaur Upadhyay, a relentless person whose life mantra has not only been to survive but also to thrive, taking on life challenges head on, from a daughter to a wife and a woman. She shares her journey of self discovery on UnBound while also admitting her vulnerabilities.

She is passionate about self growth, self healing and self love. She has fought through and broken the social conditioning, depression and found her way to spirituality. She is determined to support people who want to live an authentic life driven by self-love.

Let’s get into this spiritual conversation with Navjyoti. 

Let's UnBound Together

About the guest - 

Navjyoti Kaur Upadhyay is a Freelance website developer, Food blogger, Baker, YouTuber & aspiring self-love, authentic living podcaster.




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