"Choose your inner voice"
Unbound with MamtaaNovember 07, 202200:36:10

"Choose your inner voice"

"We all have an assigned highway, assigned lanes, assigned bays and direction, all we need to do is connect with our internal spiritual GPS to follow, as everything is already designed out for us", says our guest on this episode- Aatmn Parmar. 

Claiming that we all have MAGIC she affirms, that either we don't connect to it, If we connect, we don't believe it; if we believe, we don't infer; and even if we infer we don't know how to apply it !

A superconscious healer who completely changed the course of her life, as she started connecting, believing, inferring and applying the guidance's she begin to receive from meta-physical universe, which is all around us. 

After 15years of homeopathic practice she realised how this magic actually was a part of her life every single day , as she would often get guidance to read about a certain illness just a few days before a patient would show up in her clinic with the exact same illness or disease that she had read about.

'Money as she calls it is an 'energy', has feelings, emotions and perspectives just like us, so what you talk is what it talks back, therefore 'Hello! Money speaks' !

.An acclaimed author, auto writer, spiritual mentor, psyche - spiritual healer, personal growth enhancer there is so much more to Aatmn Parmar.

and you can't miss any bit of it !

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About the guest - Aatmn, a homoeopathic doctor by profession, left her flourishing practice of 15 years to explore metaphysics beyond physical science. She mastered many modalities including Yoga, meditation, various healing methods, Past Life Regression, and Hypnotherapy. She headed the Indian chapter of the California Hypnosis Institute of India.

 Her illness leads her to research Various modalities, beyond medical science. She was fascinated by Chakras and Aura. She has authored three books: Redikall Crystalline Mind, Quest for a Guru, and Redikall Booklet on Chakras. 

The hallmark of her work is simplicity in learning and application in various aspects of personal and professional life. Aatmn is a Personal Growth Enhancer and the Mind Navigator. In spite of being a successful homeopath and hypnotherapist, she turned her attention to the ancient systems of healing, due to their esoteric history had receded into the background.
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aatmn
Instagram - https://instagram.com/aatmn?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Website - https://www.aatmn.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/aatmnparmar?t=GZKf7asvUwy9_auKNZE6nw&s=09

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