Season 2 Finale : Q and A with Disha
The Teenbook PodcastNovember 18, 202200:10:01

Season 2 Finale : Q and A with Disha

Welcome to another season finale of The Teenbook Podcast. Today we talk to you. Yes you!! We asked teens what they wanted to know on our Instagram stories and compiled all their questions to answer them here. Be it the relationship advice or dealing with distractions - we answered it all. Listen in to hear it all.

00:01:22 - Are relationships during teenage normal? Or what is the right age to be in a relationship?

00:02:21 - How to focus on studies without distraction?

00:03:16 - How to choose the right bra?

00:04:14 - How to make my parents understand my feelings?

00:05:07 - How to deal with painful periods?

00:06:05 - What is the best way to get rid of porn addiction?

00:06:48I’m in a LDR with my boyfriend and we fight a lot because he wants to explore phone sex and I don’t want to do it!

00:07:38Can you explain some stuff about the LGBTQ community?