Ep 3: When to change your bra?
The Teenbook PodcastJanuary 15, 2023x
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Ep 3: When to change your bra?

The how and what had already been taught but what about the WHEN? When do you change your bra? How do you know you're wearing the wrong size and that you should switch. Well worry not, we' here with the solution. We put this question to brasserie store owner and bra fitting expert Rashi Seth and bring you the answer straight from the expert. 

And in case you missed the What and When part of wearing a bra too, head to Season 1 Episode 2 and find all your answers there!

Check out this very interesting video on "Breast size" on our YouTube channel here - https://youtu.be/Fvv_epvjGvE 

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